Saturday, January 31, 2009

Written Test Day is Tuesday!

Well, I called CatTests and scheduled my Private Pilot Written test to be taken on Tuesday, February 3rd.
Years ago, something like 25 years ago, I took the test and passed with an 89%.
That was before on-line study, and on-line sample tests.
My Sample Tests with Gleim since I passed GS were 86% 3 days ago (yuck) and 96% tonight. Tonight I missed questions pertaining to weather. Not major weather questions, so there is no worry.
Thanks to ground school I saw a flaw in my calculations of wind direction, time and ground speed. I had the basics, but was doing them out of order. So, now that I have the proper order my answers were within .5% and with rounding I was on target.
I have 3 more sample tests to take if I wish, and I WILL take them.
I want my 96% or better!
I just realized last night that I can get my ground instructor’s certificate and train others. Sweeeeeeeeeet!!

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