Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dang. I really should to better.

Ground school is almost over. I like the idea of being able to do it at home and on line. Especially on days like today when I'd have to go to the airport and sit in a class. (Did I tell you how much I hate sitting in class?)

Here are my scores for each study section.

Airplanes and Aerodynamics - 96%
Airplane Instruments, Engines, and Systems 92%
Airports, Air Traffic Control, and Airspace 95%
Federal Aviation Regulations 97%
Airplane Performance 88%
Mid-Test 89%
Aeronautical Decision Making 93%
Aviation Weather 82%
Aviation Weather Services 87%
Navigation 95%
Navigation Systems 96%
Cross-Country Flight Planning 91%
2nd Mid-Test 100%

Sigh. I really CAN do better. Next step ... End of Course Test.

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