Monday, August 19, 2013

Update ... End of summer, 2013

Here we are in August, and very little has become reality on the aviation front.  Sort of.

If you happen following this blog you know that pretty much my time has been consumed as a caregiver for a senior parent.  This pretty much means that I cannot work a regular fulltime job.  And those of you who fly understand clearly that no money equals no flying.  But that is with me, because pretty much it is an honor to take care of the parent.

I did not renew my medical last year, but I am in the process of doing that right now.  Four weeks ago I saw my liver transplant doctor after undergoing a colonoscopy two weeks prior to that appointment.  The results from the colonoscopy were very good, followed up with the appointment, my regular checkup, and my liver functions are exceptional.  Therefore, six years after my liver kidney transplant my liver is working fine.  Unfortunately, my appointment with my kidney doctor was postponed due to a scheduling conflict and postponed until the second week in September.  Based upon my monthly lab reports from my blood work, my kidney doctors should give me the same report to turn into the FAA.  My blood lab resents over the past year have been extremely steady, and over the past three months have actually been exceptional.

Do two my transplant surgeries the FAA requires me to send in annual reports from both of my physicians, and annually the FAA will clear me for another year of flying.

All in all, I really have no worries about my upcoming medical evaluations.  My only concern is that when these reports go to the FAA somehow they seem to get lost in the shuffle and I have to wait 3 to 4 months before I get my approval.  At the same time, when I called the FAA months ago on their secret phone number I was advised by one of the staff that they will expedite with the simple phone request.  So I guess there’s nothing to worry about here.