Thursday, December 11, 2014

AME ... Booked.

Okay, here we go.

I have my medical exam booked as of an hour ago. The medical examiner I have seen before has quit the business, therefore I have to find a new one. What I ended up doing was posting on Facebook and my pilot friends suggested several of them, but the one stuck out was the one in Ashland Ohio.

I finished my medical application online as required by the FAA by using the MedXPress online application process. On one hand this form is a little intimidating, but then again this is the same form applicants fill out at the doctors office. Therefore, it is an easy process because all of the paperwork that I have is on hand at my fingertips without having to guess at anything.

Today is Friday, and my examination is on Wednesday of next week. The drive should take around an hour and 15 minutes, and the medical examiner is located at an airport therefore I can get there early and hang around the airplanes and relax.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Starting the Medical Renewal Process

Filling out AOPA TurboMedical.

New glasses next week, then off to the AME, then 'The Wait' for the FAA to renew my medical.

By the way, pilots, I saved over 70% on my glasses with over all others.

God and Santa, I've been good. All I want is my medical clearance.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Long Overdue Update(s)

It has been well over a year since my last update.  More information will be following in the next week.
What has been going on for the past year is that I have been taking care of my mother, therefore I did not have time to do much of anything. Unfortunately, she passed away two months ago. So right now I am in the process of playing catch-up in life, especially, working on completing my pilot’s license.

When I left off in September 2013, I was waiting for authorization from the FAA to visit my medical examiner. What happened was I did not have to wait for their authorization. All I had to do at that time was to go to my AME and take the medical examination and submit that information along with my report from my liver and kidney transplant physicians.
Here’s what went wrong. I called the FAA and spoke with one of the agents and he stated to me to take the plan of action what I have done or the past several years which was to send in my medical information from my physicians and they would send the authorization in writing. What I should have done was just to go directly to the AME and should have taken my examination and all of the updates would’ve been forwarded to the FAA for my AME. End of story, and my medical would’ve been approved.  After waiting for several months for my letter, and checking the mailbox every day, I called up the FAA and spoke with another agent. She stated to me that I did not need to do anything different, therefore I wasted a lot of time waiting for my authorization.

This process may be a little more difficult now because my medical expired, plus due to the stress of taking care of a parent in their final months, I developed heart palpitations, accelerated pulse rate, and a few other symptoms. Visits to the cardiologist did not uncover any major problems. I say major because we did find a heart condition known as Right Branch Bundle Blockage. This is not a disqualifying medical condition, therefore I should not have much of a problem. Hopefully, this is not much of a problem to create more delays in having my medical issued. I will see the cardiologist four days from today and I hope that everything comes back cleared up. I still show signs of palpitations, which are actually called PVCs. This is not a disqualifying condition. Therefore, I hope the FAA takes into consideration the stressful situation I have been under for the past 2 to 3 years. I have been to the emergency room three times in the past two years for this condition which the positions cannot find any problem therefore we are considering it a stress related condition.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Okay, Paper Work Sent to FAA

My kidney transplant doctor appoint, after being delayed by a month, went very well.  All of my numbers are within guidelines and medications are working well.  As far as he is concerned he does not need to review my blood work monthly, and opting for every other month. 

So, once my doctor completed his evaluation for the FAA, it was in the mail within 18 hours. 

Now, I begin the waiting game for my approval from Oklahoma FAA so that I can take official exam from my AME.  Usually, they are very reasonable and if I want to start some flying lessons before then I guess I can call and request them to expedite my paperwork.  Until then I might as well do ground school again and re-take my written and see if I can repeat that 93% I got last time. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Update ... End of summer, 2013

Here we are in August, and very little has become reality on the aviation front.  Sort of.

If you happen following this blog you know that pretty much my time has been consumed as a caregiver for a senior parent.  This pretty much means that I cannot work a regular fulltime job.  And those of you who fly understand clearly that no money equals no flying.  But that is with me, because pretty much it is an honor to take care of the parent.

I did not renew my medical last year, but I am in the process of doing that right now.  Four weeks ago I saw my liver transplant doctor after undergoing a colonoscopy two weeks prior to that appointment.  The results from the colonoscopy were very good, followed up with the appointment, my regular checkup, and my liver functions are exceptional.  Therefore, six years after my liver kidney transplant my liver is working fine.  Unfortunately, my appointment with my kidney doctor was postponed due to a scheduling conflict and postponed until the second week in September.  Based upon my monthly lab reports from my blood work, my kidney doctors should give me the same report to turn into the FAA.  My blood lab resents over the past year have been extremely steady, and over the past three months have actually been exceptional.

Do two my transplant surgeries the FAA requires me to send in annual reports from both of my physicians, and annually the FAA will clear me for another year of flying.

All in all, I really have no worries about my upcoming medical evaluations.  My only concern is that when these reports go to the FAA somehow they seem to get lost in the shuffle and I have to wait 3 to 4 months before I get my approval.  At the same time, when I called the FAA months ago on their secret phone number I was advised by one of the staff that they will expedite with the simple phone request.  So I guess there’s nothing to worry about here.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Back in the Air. Sorta.

Over the past two years I have been absent from flying and to be honest about it, I really have a lot of sad days when I see CAVU. 

Living on final approach to KCGF’s runway 6 does not help matters much.  Listening to the tower on my aviation radio makes me long for just an hour here and there detached from the ground.

Yesterday, a friend from my home base, 16G invited me for a ride in the 150 and I eagerly accepted.  Due to the ever changing weather in Cleveland, I was checking it constantly for 72 hours before the flight.  In Cleveland, if you don’t like the weather just wait, it will change before the next hour.

The flight was bumpy and it was hazy, but it was still great.  We flew to 38D for pie and coffee and back again to get the plane to the next renter. 

So why have I been out of the air for so long?  Two words.  Family First.

A few years ago my step father passed away, and eventually I moved in to take care of mom.  Also, my income was cut off and due to taking care of her I can not work except for a few hours out of the house.  So, pretty much I am tied to the ground and I hope that this year brings me better results.

Yesterday reminded me of the many things that I have been missing over the past few years and have come to the conclusion that something has to change, and soon.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FAA Medical Exam Coming Up

Here we go. The dreaded FAA medical exam.

Mine situationi is different than most pilots. We before I can take my exam I have to turn in preliminary paperwork to the FAA to get permission to take my medical with the local AME.

Two days from now I meet with my kidney transplant physician. With him, my main concern is my blood pressure and kidney functions. All of my kidney functions number have been pretty much on target which leads my next concern, my blood pressure.

Currently I'm taking a medication called Amlodipine, and so far the results have been fairly stable. Once a week I regularly check my blood pressure levels. Once a month I may not take my blood pressure meds for two to three days and then check the level. I have a history of being pre-hypertensive, which means I am in the caution range for hypertension but below the danger level.

To keep the FAA happy I need to be below 140/90. Currently without medications for three days my blood pressure level averages 129/81.

I pretty much believe that my blood pressure levels have been decreasing due to the fact that I exercise at the gym three to four times a week. My exercise regiment include weightlifting and cardio. My cardio exercise primarily is 45 minutes on the elliptical machine.

With pretty much everything being within guidelines I should receive a decent letter from my kidney physician.

In two weeks I meet my liver physician, and pretty much everything should be the same with him. Five days ago I met with him for my annual colonoscopy. (Yes, mine is annual due to the medications that I take for my transplant.)

After I receive my letters from my liver and kidney physicians, and maybe one other letter from another physician explaining my osteoporosis (common for transplant recipients), which is very minor, I send in that package to the FAA and request my authorization to take my medical exam with my local AME.

So far with the FAA and everything has been pretty smooth, contrary to what many of the pilots have gone through. Maybe they just like me?:)