Tuesday, February 3, 2009

FAA Written Test … 97%!

Last night I slept well. I woke up fairly early, and decided to do a little studying. I ended up only studying for about 35 to 45 minutes.
Yesterday was a bear because I studied for about five to six hours. I finally reached the saturation point around 3:00 in the afternoon. What I ended up doing was housework to keep my mind distracted. I wanted to go bowling but it was too late to get a lane. There is nothing like bowling in the afternoon to break up the stress. And based on my recent scores I need to as much stress relief as possible.
So, I took my leisurely drive across Cleveland to Cuyahoga County Airport. For some reason, I was nervous and I really don’t know why. Once I started to test things came right back to me and I took the test and probably no more than 40 minutes.
I had to go back and review two questions. One was on Tri-colored approach lights, and the other was on cloud conditions. After reviewing the results I got those questions correct and missed the other questions pertaining to terminal in our forecasts and reading weather charts.
So, the next step is complete. 97% I can accept.
Now I see that I could have gotten 100%. DANG!!

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faa said...

I just completed my FAA Written Testat the US Air Force Academy Aero Club. I scored a 98%