Thursday, March 19, 2015


Today as I drove to the airport I knew that today was going to be the day for my solo in the Piper Cherokee Warrior.

It has been over four years since I was on track to finish my license. Today's lesson is my fifth lesson in years, plus the fact that I did not take lessons in the Piper Warrior until a couple of weeks ago. I flew yesterday however the weather was pretty bumpy and I had around a 15 not cross wind, along with my lesson a few days prior with the same weather conditions. So, I was becoming pretty comfortable with crosswind landings however landings with light winds was completely different experience for me.

My first three trips around the pattern were still sloppy by my standards, but appeared to be well within guidelines as far as my instructor was concerned. Keep in mind that last week when I received an 88% on my written exam I was not very happy. On the third landing I decided that I was going to make a full stop and kick her out of the plane. Okay, it really did not happen like that.


Steve said...

Way to go, man! Comes right back - just like riding a bike, eh?

Transplanted Pilot said...

Actually, Steve, it WAS!! I was not even that excited. Except for flying the Cherokee which is what I really want to fly. :) Bolton Field REAL soon for ribs.