Sunday, March 15, 2015

Getting Up is not Easy

Here we go again. More delays due to weather and also due to family illness.
I was able to go flying with my new instructor, but unfortunately we could only do a few landings due to a family illness that cropped up just as I was putting the key into the ignition to start up the airplane. According to her my takeoffs and landings went well. A few days later we scheduled for a two hour flight, and the day was ideal for working on crosswind landings. The crosswind component was 15 to 17 knots. Unfortunately, the circuit breaker for the stall warning buzzer kept popping out so that flight was canceled. Of course after leaving the airport an hour and a half later I received a call in the problem was resolved.

Today since my regular, new instructor was not available I went up with another. The winds were very similar so it was a good day for me to get some practice. For the most part the three landings went well. The ceiling was fairly low but we were able to get in a little air work with some steep turns, slow flight, and a few other miscellaneous exercises.

Both instructors said that I talk out loud explaining what I am doing, and why which they stated they both liked to hear from me so that they knew what my thought process was.

Who knows, maybe within the next few flights I may find myself all alone, in a Piper Warrior. I sure hope so.

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