Friday, October 8, 2010

SODA!! I got the SODA

I know that the FAA has a reputation. I see the comments such as “FAA. We are not happy until you are unhappy”. Today, I saw the potential, but the experience was very decent.

The potential was there, yes, but that was due to my unnecessary nervousness, not due to the FAA Flight Examiner. I could not do basic math (adding 5 numbers). Keep in mind that I was in the mortgage business and adding 7 digit numbers was routine. My memory was shot, and nerves ruled the roost between my ears. After I calmed down, I was much better. Luckily, I was being tested for VISION, not on doing my weight and balance and knowing my Cessna 152 numbers.

The flight test was completely without pressure. I flew the plane, but not up to my standards, but well enough and had an ego boost to hear the examiner tell me that I was doing well for a low time pilot.

I got my SODA paperwork on the spot and also my corrected medical certificate, so I am good to go.

I have 14 hours of required solo left then I will have the time to do my check ride. I am pretty sure that it will not be a bad experience.

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Rustedgranny said...

Congratulations! Keep on going, your almost there. Posession of that little bit of blue plastic is worth every effort and sacrifice.