Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh $#*#, a Letter From the FAA

I have been waiting for 4 weeks for this letter from the FAA. Today I received my authorization to take my Medical Flight Test for my Monocular condition (single vision).

Sooooooo, today the letter came. Suddenly, I am worried. Why? I have no idea. All I have to do is to be able to:

• The ability to select emergency landing fields at a distance, from high altitude, and preferably over unfamiliar terrain.
• The ability to simulate forced landings in difficult fields; note the manner of approach, rate of descent, and comparative distance at which obstructions (stumps, boulders, ditches, etc.) are recognized.
• The ability to recognize other aircraft (which may be present by prearrangement) approaching at a collision course (particularly aircraft approaching from the far right or far left).
• The ability to judge distances and to recognize landmarks (compared with the ASI’s estimate).
• The ability to land the aircraft.
• The ability to read aeronautical charts in flight and tune the radio to a predetermined station accurately and rapidly.
• The ability to read instrument panels (including an overhead panel, if any) quickly and correctly.

I am already doing most of this already, but at the same time I am not being watched over by the FAA.

After I pass this evaluation I will be granted a SODA, which is a Statement of Demonstrated Ability, not Pepsi or 7Up.

I will make the call in Monday morning and see what appointment. If I don't pass, I will need a SODA (7Up and Jack Daniels).

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