Monday, May 10, 2010

Medical Certificate Update

All I can say is ... GOT IT!!

Thank you Dr. Dr. Wirtz in Westlake. All of you pilots in the Cleveland area, I can vouch for this physician. Non-threatening, professional and down to earth. The staff was friendly and jovial also.

Best of all, I saved a LOT of money that translates to almost 2 hours of flying.

WOW ... as a Cleveland Clinic fan, I will have to stop bad mouthing University Hospitals.


Matthew Farris said...

Hi David:

CONGRATULATIONS! Back in April I we were both waiting to hear back on our medicals. I got my first 3rd class with student certificate after about a six week wait. I am now five hours into my flight training. What a great experience so far. Looking forward to reading your updates.

GreenPilot said...

CONGRATS man! enjoy the freedom! keep writing...

safe skies to you sir.

Susan said...

I am happy to hear the good news!! You are blessed. Maybe sometime you can wing over to Santa Maria, CA, my city, and checkout the vintage aircraft at the airport's museum.
Susan, mom of 2 daughters with heart transplants

FlyTriPacer said...


Congrats on the transplants and flying! I received a cadaver kidney back in February 1996 and got my 3rd Class and PPSEL in 1997. Thirteen years and 1300 hours later the Lord has blessed me with continued health and medical. I was PIC over the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf in my last plane (Bushby Mustang II). Head out to Virginia sometime and I'll show you around in the TriPacer.

Enjoy both of your freedoms (flying and no dialysis)!