Tuesday, May 4, 2010

GROUNDED!! And it's NOT my $*&@($ Fault!

Look, I am still upset over this so I didn't post, but a few have been asking me what is going on with my flying.

Here is the latest. On April 30th, my medical expired, thanks to some person at the Cleveland Clinic. After I got my okay from the FAA to take my medical exam, I immediately called the Clinic for my exam with the (AME) Aero Medical Examiner, the same AME I took the exam with initially.

When I showed up for my exam, I was advised that I had no appointment. Upon further review, it was found that someone in the Clinic cancelled my appointment instead of cancelling my eye exam appointment. It was an admitted error of the system, a 'common occurance' when using MyChart, which is the Clinic's program that allows patients to manage their appointments and other matters on line instead of calling in.

Well, I am human and so are staff members at the Clinic. Mostly all of them are professional. An error was made, no problem. I can come next week, no harm. Well, the scheduling system was showing that he was not available until June. Now, while I have not flown in MONTHS and I am anxious to be back in the air in the next 72 hours. But the 'Scheduling Gate Keeper' had other plans.

The 'Scheduling Gate Keeper' in a professional way told me "Tough $#!*" when I told her I can not wait until June. So, even though CCF screwed this up by their own admission, I still have to wait??

I will see another AME in the next week.


Steve said...

Sorry, Dave - I really hope you get this mess sorted out ASAP!

GreenPilot said...

get that medical! hope the next AME is able to get this taken care of.