Friday, February 20, 2015

It's Official

Joined a new flying club today, so, actually, I belong to two of them.

This new one is right by me at Cuyahoga County Airport (KCGF) and is with T&G Flying Club.  

So, no longer do I have a 1 hour +15 minute drive to an airport that I actually really love hanging out at.  Because it will make me a better pilot, I greatly prefer smaller airports.  most of all, the friendliness at the smaller airport will be missed.  

On the plus side, I am 12-15 minutes from my new airfield and flying will no longer be a 2 and a half hour, plus flying time event.  

PLUS, most of all, I will be flying the plane that I greatly prefer,  Piper Cherokee Warrior.   I will, though, miss flying my favorite plane, N94400, at my former airport.   

So, I have a test to take in ground school, then I will have 2 more chapters, plus, a final exam to get my completion certificate, then I can take my written exam at Burke Lakefront. 

So, Mother Nature, let us have a break in these -5 to 10 degree days.  


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