Monday, January 18, 2010

Yeah, *#(*&#^@*@, I'm Grumpy

Not been flying since December 10th, and I am not taking this all well.

The car needed repair (4 hrs of flying lesson money), plus Christmas expenses, and other things that drain the bank account all add up to not flying.

Even if I deceded to take the money and fly, the weather is snowy and crappy.

David is not a happy flyer.

Guess I should clean the bathroom and do a load of laundry. Oh, I need to work on 2 spreadsheets and lay out that fund raiser. At least I am busy.


Steve said...

Just wanted to say I know and understand your pain. Grr, indeed.

GreenPilot said...

hope you can get back in the air soon man!

Matt said...

So I've had my copy of AOPA Flight Training for a couple of weeks now, slowly reading so to make it last. Low and behold, on the last page, the "Why We Fly" column, there you are. How cool is that!?

Good going. What a small blogosphere.

RustedGranny said...

I just discovered your blog and am enjoying your writing. Your first solo brought back wonderful memories. It's funny how terror can become a good memory with some time.
I look forward to your further adventures. Glad your flying planes with the wings in the right place! :-)
rustedgranny who flies a 182.

amelia said...

David, I, too, just discovered your blog, and talk about memories! I learned to fly about a hundred years ago (or 30-some, if you insist) at Orrville's late, lamented Blatter Field airport, sweated through an instrument rating at Wayne County, and in the next 15 years or so, found excuses to go all the wonderful places on your list. We- and our beloved Mooney 231-, relocated southward, and now live in a lovely village on NC's Albemarle Sound, where the weather is, if not better, at least is not-better for a smaller percentage of the year. It was fun to read of Skypark and Wadsworth, remembering good places and good people. I look forward to following of your continued progress.
May tomorrow be a perfect winter flying day for you.

Amelia (Mimi) Reiheld
Edenton, NC