Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Third solo!! (And, no, my stuff does NOT stink!)

I must say that my confidence level is once again escalating. Before I leave for the airport I find myself doing more of the routines that the pilots should do. For instance, I logged on to the weather portion of the AOPA website and checked the weather for the area. Since now that I am pilot in command it is a requirement to obtain a weather briefing for your flight. But this was the first time that I did it as a requirement, or should I say as a responsibility.

As usual I got to the airport later than planned, and as expected, whoever was flying my playing the day before left the aircraft low on fuel. Today was my lucky day though, because unlike other days when I needed to fuel my plane now I can taxi the plane over to the fuel pumps instead of dragging it across the apron with the tow bar. I guess I'm in the big leagues now!

My instructor plan to take me to the local airport next door, Wadsworth Municipal, for a couple takeoffs and landings. On my first takeoff out of Skypark as I began my takeoff roll the aircraft spun around on the right wheel pretty much causing me to go in a circle as I increase the power to full throttle. Immediately I retard at the power and tried to maintain control of the aircraft. Of course Mark, my instructor, was pulling one of his stunts of simulating a locked up brake to see how I would react. Since I immediately reacted by killing the power I passed the test.
Oh by the way, that the door on the passenger side opened up again on our first takeoff of the day.

The flight to Wadsworth was uneventful and my landing was okay (not one of my better ones, but very passable). We then took off and headed back to home where I did a few more takeoffs and landings and then I was on my own for three more solo takeoffs and landings. And once again the pesky door opened up on my first takeoff. (Memo to self -- bring rivet gun to my
lesson) My second and third landings were flat, that is I did not hold my nose wheel off through the landing. The landings were soft, they just happen to be near three pointers. Three point landings are good for tail draggers, but not in a Cessna 152.

The good thing about today's flight is that I got an additional endorsement to fly to the next airport away from us which is Wadsworth. Now granted, when you take off on runway to one at Skypark after you raise your flaps if you look directly to the left you can see Wadsworth Muni. In fact, you are pretty much on base to land on runway 10. Wadsworth Airport is about 3 miles southwest of Skypark. The good thing is this -- I can fly over to Wadsworth and practice takeoffs and landings, or better yet touch and go's which save a lot of time, and brush up on other skills that I cannot do at Skypark. There is also not a lot of traffic at Wadsworth and it is not uncommon to fly for an hour there and be the only playing in the pattern. Hopefully soon I will be flying to Medina and also Wayne County which are 6 miles and 10 miles respectively from Skypark.

All in all it was a very good day.


Matt said...

Funny how rental aircraft owners are about some repairs. If it is no matter to the airworthiness of the craft the repair gets perpetually deferred. We have a plane on the line that the #1 Com/Nav works intermittently. #2 still works, so no repair to #1. Transplanted pilot looking for a door transplant, huh?

Steve said...

That pesky door has clearly decided to be your nemesis in training. I've got issues with the radio in one of our planes and all us renters have one or more 'fun features' on an aircraft or two. Great job on the sign-off, one of my favorite things in training was getting the CFI to endorse my logbook so I could land at other airports. It might not be XC, but it's sure nice to go SOMEWHERE on your own!