Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Lazy Way Out

Steve and Gina flew up to the Akron area to see friends and relatives. Since he was in the area he stopped up for a hot minute as promised.

I want Steve to give his review of Weltzien Skaypark (15G). The lazy way out for me is to let him share his views on the airport, so follow him at his A Mile of Runway blog.

I warned him of the short 2,400 foot runway, but from his landing I had no reason to warn him. All day at Skypark they had rides for the community, and Steve's landing was better than all of the others, landing a short distance from the numbers and well within MY strict guidelines for my landings.

After a brief tour they had to hightail it back to their homebase. Ask Steve about Skypark especially the super secret pilot's room.
Good seeing you Steve and Gina! (Must be nice to have a woman who enjoys flying. I hope Toni doesnt see this post.)


Steve said...

Not sure if you're working to inflate my pilot ego or it's just all the great practice in the taildraggers, but either way thanks for the kind words on the landing! ;-)

It was great to stop in and see you, even if only for a few minutes. We were telling the folks at Stewart about the Foliage Tours and they seemed to think that was quite a novel idea. Gina and I will definitely be back up at some point in the future... gotta check out the hot tub when it's open for business!

Mr. Michael said...

David, When your CFI jumps out of the plane on the fateful day, take a deep breath, double check everything, and make that departure call with confidence. On my first solo I called "Truckee traffic, Skyhawk 1968F, departing 28 for left closed traffic, Student pilot on my first solo." Somebody came back and said "Congratulations!" You will be amazed at how your training will just take over and you'll bring her in "on the numbers". Thanks for following my blog! Matt