Saturday, August 15, 2009

How Ironic

On my last blog entry I talked about my checklist issue and not using it. I had a bad habit of skimming it but not checking item after item.

This morning I get the Pilot's Tip of the Week - #11, which discussed preflight and the importance of using your checklist.

A sign from above? hmmmmmmm??

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Lisako said...

Dave Mi Amigo!

I LOVE the blog - you've been busy since we last chatted. Also, you look "FLY" in that plane (pun intended!)!

First, kudos to you for showing folks that disabled does not mean UNABLE! Second, keep up the efforts to shed light on the need of donors (living and tissue) - especially from racial/ethnic minority groups!

You are ONE OF A KIND!

Dr. E. Lisako J McKyer, MPH