Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cha-cha changes!

I really had my heart set on flying the Piper Warrior or even a140 for my training, but, I had to make the switch.

I enjoyed the location of my school. Only 10-15 minutes away and also 3 location. But, due to the cost, I have to now drive to Wadsworth Sky Park Field (15g). It’s really work the drive though. All but 5 minutes of the 45 minute drive are freeway.

The only downside is that I have to fly Cessnas. I want to fly Pipers. The other thing is, by suggestion, I am back to the Cessna 150/152 model which is a 2 seater. Yes, it’s a shock. But the important thing right now is to solo and get my license. Once I solo I may consider going up to the Skyhawk which is a 4 seater.

So far I took an intro and then a full hour lesson in the 152. Well, I have to admit, I was less turned off to it once I got started.

Sloppy take off and departure but I got over it in short order. I tend to climb at a higher airspeed so that I can look over the nose.

I found the 152 not too hard to manage and actually almost too fun to fly. Of course there are different procedures than in the Cherokee. The constant yanking of the carb heat was annoying. The slow electrical flaps were annoying. Climbing onto the wing to check the fuel cap and to visually check the fuel quantity was annoying. The visibility down was spectacular. The visibility in turns was down right scary because the wing cuts off your view completely.

First landing on my intro was okay. Too firm though. The landing on my second lesson was better and my third overall landing was crap by my standards. I miss ground effect in landings.

I looooooove the small field and that was a selling point to me. Skinny, 2,400 foot runways teach you how to land. You become a much better pilot at airports that make you fly right. I floated on my landings but that will change.

Also the small airports make you feel at home. At my old place, it was okay. At this Sky Park many of the people initiate conversations with you.

This airport reminds me of the long gone Chagrin Falls Airport. Man, I miss her.


Joe said...

It's funny to see peoples tastes in airplanes differ. You were so turned off to the high wing until you flew it. I've been in a low wing, but never been at the controls. I'm a Cessna man myself. Glad to hear you liked it! A 150 though is pretty small. I'm a larger person at 6'2 and 250 lbs, so that would be pretty rough w/ another person close to my size. I fly in a 172. lol

Transplanted Pilot said...

I TOLERATE the high wing. In turns , especially to final, I guess by timing.

I did a circle to land with a simulated engine out and I was not at ease, but it was a good landing.

I like that ground effect to hide an off landing. Now I have to really land.

Adam B. said...

I learned to fly at Sky Park as well and now I am a student flying at Purdue University. Sky Park will teach you how to actually fly rather than drive a plane. If you are looking to fly a Cherokee, Wadsworth (3g3) has one for only $90/hr. Also if you are looking for a new challenge stop by the glider club at Wadsworth. They are great guys that just love to fly anything with wings. Happy flying, hope to see you around the airport.