Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Okay, first lesson again!!

Here I am, planning for my first flying lesson.
Actually, it’s not my first one. That first lesson was years ago in Nashville when I was a young buck. Joe Smiley was my instructor at Cornelia Fort Airpark. Here I am many, many years later, starting all over again and while I am nervous, I am confident, I just wonder if I will fell the same 16 hours from now.
The forecast shows a high pressure cell over West Virginia, bringing the wind from the east, so I get to use the runway number 6 left or right. I like those because I get to fly over the stadium and Rock Hall of Fame.
The weather is calling for VFR and light winds.
Time to go read my Piper Warrior manual and review the procedures for the aircraft.
Wish me luck!

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