Friday, November 28, 2008

Next Stop, Ground School

I hate classroom settings. So, for ground school I am going on-line and taking either Gleim Ground School or Sporty’s Ground School. I have reviewed both and have come very close to a decision. I plan to take class in early January 2009, and test by February 10, 2009.

Currently I am pre-schooling myself to get back into the habit of seriously studying, a subject that you can not take lightly. I am finding that old bad habits are not to be taken lightly and need to be corrected. For instance, I scan a lot instead of reading. In my pre-tests I have missed at least 3-4 questions by scanning. My grades will range from mid 70’s to low 80’s. This is not acceptable!

Today’s quick 20 question quiz left me feeling better with a 90. So, actually slowing down and reading really works. Of the 2 that I missed should have gotten one if I had opened the study book and looked on the printed chart instead of trying to read the laptop screen. The other one was interpolation on a chart that is so small that it should be illegal to expect people to use on a test.

So, to really pass I need to make sure that I slow my roll for safety’s sake.

I love these on-line tests because I can see my weaknesses and correct them by reading the study books and guides and also ask in the AOPA Forum.

I am hoping to answer 57 of the 60 questions when I officially take the FAA test. Years and years ago I got an 88% and that was without the aid of on-line tests and tremendous study guides.

By the way, I am strongly leading to the Gleim because I can take the 141 ground school which is a bit more structured study. The school that I have chosen, T&G may become a 141 school. I saw that they had Gleim books in their showcase, so I should try to keep them happy … right?

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