Monday, April 4, 2016

A Little More High Tech

A simple $37.50 (plus shipping) attachment to my headset now allows my YouTube vids to have a new dimension.  My non-flying friends on Facebook find aviation videos interesting, however, they can never hear the verbal communication with my passengers and with air traffic control. The PA-80 ordered from Touch and Go Pilot Supply  Most important of all, I can review my flight and also pin-point my deficiencies in communications with air traffic control especially in Class B airspace.

What I found was that I had some small errors in communications which were either A) communication laziness that I am hearing for the first time or B) mic fright from knowing that I am now posting unedited videos and having a desire to be perfect.   I hope it is the latter (LOL).

This is a flight from Burke Lakefront Airport (KBKL) to Put-in-Bay Airport (3W2) with a fellow pilot, Chris, from my former airport.

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